Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Version 04.081 brings new costume bundles, bug fixes, and a new Online Tournament Mode

By on September 25, 2019 at 4:58 pm
Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Poison Halloween Costume Crop

Happy Halloween from Street Fighter V!

Following last week’s period of server maintenance, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has been updated to Version 04.081. In addition to adding this year’s new Haloween-themed content, which includes new Premium Costumes for Poison and E. Honda, as well as the Union Graveyard stage, the latest update to Capcom’s flagship fighting title also brings bug fixes for Ryu, Akuma, and Cody, while also confirming that an issue with newcomer Lucia that involves her opponents being put into a standing state during their recovery after blocking her crouching Heavy Kick, will be corrected in a future patch in October.

Balrog’s No Escape Costume is also now available in Menat’s Fighting Chance, for those looking to risk a little Fight Money or Fortune Tickets for it, and a 2018 Halloween Bundle, containing last year’s spooky attires for Guile, Abigail, Falke, and Kolin, as well as the Capcom Legends Bundle 2. This holds the six latest Crossover Costumes from Extra Battle: Alex Leo, Zeku Kenji, Shade Sagat, Devilotte Menat, and Akane Yagyu Ibuki.

You’ll also get the following Crossover BGM: “Opening Title,” “Helion Theme,” and “Super 8 Theme” from Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, “Into The Legendary Earth,” “Theme of Leo,” and “Theme of Kenji/Mukuro” from Red Earth/Warzard, and “The Destined Child” and “Cross Counter” from Breath of Fire II.

If you feel like saving your Fight Money, as all of those Extra Battles, save for Akane Ibuki, are currently re-running, this Bundle will set you back $14.99, while the 2018 Halloween Costumes cost $9.99. Poison and Honda’s Halloween Costumes will cost you $3.99 each, while Union Graveyard can be obtained for $1.99 or 40,000 Fight Money.

A new Online Tournament Mode has been added from within the CFN tab of the main menu, which is currently in development and will remain in closed beta, with more details to come in the future. You can see the full patch notes for the 21.678 GB patch below.

9/17 Update Info (Ver. 04.081)

Following server maintenance on September 17, 2019, Street Fighter V has been updated to Ver. 04.081.


• Additional Costumes
– Halloween: E. Honda
– Halloween: Poison

• Stages
– Union Graveyard

• Battle Bundles
– 2018 Halloween Bundle
– Capcom Legends Bundle 2

• Fighting Chance
– Get Balrog’s additional costume No Escape through “Megaton! Gigaton! Teraton Puncher!” now available in Fighting Chance.
– The seasonal “E-Can” version has been added to Dojo Fortune.

• Battle-Related Bug Fixes

– Ryu:
Fixed a phenomenon where, after a successful V-Trigger II Isshin parry, if the input for Isshin or V-Skill Mind’s Eye is performed at a specific timing, Ryu would not be able to cancel the latter half into Shoryuken or EX Jodan Sokuto Geri.

– Akuma:
Fixed a phenomenon where, if Akuma canceled into V-Trigger from Goshoryuken, projectiles on screen would move during the screen freeze.

– Cody:
Fixed a phenomenon where, if Cody performed his Critical Art Criminal Punisher that cancels out a projectile at close range, the attack would not hit the opponent after the projectile cancelation regardless of whether or not they are within the attack range.

Fixed a phenomenon where, if Cody performed his Critical Art Criminal Punisher, and at the same timing the opponent performed a strong forward-moving move, Cody’s position would be pushed backwards before the hitbox becomes active, and the Critical Art wouldn’t hit.

– Lucia:
Fixed a phenomenon where, if Lucia’s crouching HK was blocked by the opponent, the opponent would be put into a standing state during recovery.

> This will be fixed in October. We apologize for any inconvenience.

• Note
With the update to SFVAE today, players will notice a new mode in the CFN menu called Online Tournament.
This upcoming free mode is in development and will be in a closed beta phase until it is final. Release timing and further details will be shared in the coming months.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Street Fighter V.

Source: CFN Website

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