Dead Or Alive 6 Version 1.03a is live; Happy Wedding Volume 2 DLC costumes and Phase 4 now available

By on March 29, 2019 at 11:00 am
Dead or Alive 6 Happy Wedding Costumes 2 Featured Image

With online lobbies soon to follow

Dead or Alive 6‘s Version 1.03a, released today, which contains more balance changes and bug fixes for a number of fighters and updates to Quest Mode’s costume part allocation. Quest Mode will now roll over unlocked costume parts to new outfits and this works retroactively as well. Log in to receive any missed out costume parts from previously completed quests!

Pre-Order DLC character Phase-4 is finally available for individual purchase and the Happy Wedding Volume 2 set of costumes have also been released. This set contains 13 more wedding-themed attires for Ayane, Brad Wong, Christie, Eliot, Helena Douglas, Diego, Honoka, La Mariposa, Mila, Phase-4, Rig, Tina Armstrong, and Zack. You can see the official notes pertaining to the update here.

Sadly, this upcoming update will not include Online Player Match Lobbies. While Team NINJA initially promised to release them before the end of March, they have now been delayed until sometime in April, as part of Version 1.03b.

Earlier this month, Dead Or Alive 6 received its Version 1.02 update, which addressed the much-complained-about grind of unlocking Costume Parts at random, as you will now only receive parts towards the character you are currently using,  as well as the release of the first part of the Season Pass 1 content, the Happy Wedding Volume 1 DLC Costumes.

The update also included balance changes for Zack, Tina, Jann Lee, Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Kokoro, Hayate, LeiFang, La Mariposa, Christie, Brad Wong, Hitomi, Mila, Marie Rose, Nyotengu, Cyborg Raidou, Honoka, Phase-4 and NiCO, which you can find in PDF form at the following link.

The first Happy Wedding set includes 13 new costumes that see Kasumi, Kokoro, LeiFang, Marie Rose, NiCO, Nyotengu, Hitomi, Cyborg Raidou, Ryu Hayabusa, Bass, Bayman, Hayate, and Jann Lee, don their finest wedding dresses and tuxedos for a classier take on Fighting Entertainment.

Both sets can be purchased as part of the Season 1 Pass for $92.99. The Season Pass also includes Bonus Costumes for Nyotengu and NiCO, the New Costume Set Volume 1 in April, which consists of 13 new outfits, the New Costume Set Volume 2 in May, which will bring 13 additional new attires.

Finally, two Guest Characters from SNK’s The King of Fighters XIV will join the battle, including the returning Mai Shiranui and one other fighter that has yet to be revealed. Season Pass holders will receive both the characters and their Debut Costumes Sets, which will contain 5 outfits each. Both characters and their costume sets are scheduled to release in June.

Be on the lookout for more news about the long-awaited online lobbies here at SRK!


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