Smash Ultimate Summit results

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After seven years of Summit events for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Beyond The Summit changed things up, hosting their first Summit event for the newest title in the franchise, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate earlier this month. The participants included:

  • Tempo|ZeRo (Invited Player)
  • FOX|MVG MKLeo (Invited Player)
  • NRG|Nairo (Invited Player)
  • Alliance|Armada (Invited Player)
  • FOX|MVG Mew2King (Invited Player)
  • TSM|Leffen (Invited Player)
  • CLG|VoiD (2nd at Genesis 6)
  • eUnited|Samsora (3rd at Genesis 6)
  • Liquid|Dabuz (4th at Genesis 6)
  • GW|Zachray (5th at Genesis 6)
  • C9|Mang0 (Community Vote)
  • PG|Cosmos (Community Vote)
  • PG|Plup (Community Vote)
  • Solary|Gluttony (Community Vote)
  • Demise|ZD (Community Vote)
  • Rogue|Light (1st at Ultimate Nimbus)

These 16 competitors battled in Singles, Squad Strike, and Random Vs. Random events, as well as a 6V6 Smash Vs. Melee Crew Battle, so it was quite the weekend of action.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Singles]

1. FOX|MVG MKLeo (Lucina, Ike, Greninja, Wolf)
2. Liquid|Dabuz (Olimar, Rosalina & Luma)
3. Soalry|Gluttony (Wario)
4. eUnited|Samsora (Peach)
5. NRG|Nairo (Palutena, Lucina, Zero Suit Samus)
5. GW|Zachray (Wolf, Wario)
7. CLG|VoiD (Pichu)
7. PG|Cosmos (Inkling)
9. Rogue|Light (Fox)
9. FOX|MVG Mew2King (Incineroar, Lucina, Boswer, Wolf)
9. TSM|Leffen (Pokémon Trainer, Roy)
9. Alliance|Armada (Inkling)
13. Tempo|ZeRo (Wolf)
13. PG|Plup (Greninja)
13. Demise|ZD (Fox, Falco, Wolf)
13. C9|Mang0 (Wario, Fox)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Squad Strike]

1. Four Corners of the World – Solary|Gluttony (Wario, Wolf, Lucina, Ganondorf), CLG|VoiD (Pichu, Wolf, Lucina), Liquid|Dabuz (Palutena, Olimar, Rosalina & Luma, Bowser), GW|Zackray (Wario, Donkey Kong, Wolf)
2. Lifu, Naifu, and the Other Two – Rogue|Light (Roy, Wolf, Fox, Greninja, Lucina), Tempo|ZeRo (Wolf, Lucina, Ike), NRG|Nairo (Palutena, Lucina, Ganondorf), FOX\MVG MKLeo (Wolf, Greninja, Lucina, Ike)
3. MELEE – PG|Plup (Mega Man, Dr. Mario, Greninja, Ridley,), C9|Mang0 (Mario, Fox, Wario), Alliance|Armada (Inkling, Corrin, Mewtwo), TSM|Leffen (Pokémon Trainer, Roy, Chrom)
4. M2 – eU|Samsora (Peach, Daisy, Palutena, Wii Fit Trainer), FOX|MVG Mew2King (Wolf, Lucina, Bowser), PG|Cosmos (Lucina, Corrin, Inkling), Demise|ZD (Wolf, Falco, Fox)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Random Vs. Random]

1. NRG|Nairo
3. GW|Zackray
4. eU|Samsora
5. Tempo|ZeRo
5. PG|Plup
7. Demise|ZD
7. Liquid|Dabuz
9. Solary|Gluttony
9. FOX|MVG Mew2King
9. CLG|VoiD
9. TSM|Leffen
13. Rogue|Light
13. PG|Cosmos
13. C9|Mang0
13. Alliance|Armada

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Smash Vs. Melee Crew Battle]

1. Smash – eU|Samsora (Daisy), PG|Cosmos (Inkling), CLG|VoiD (Pichu), Demise|ZD (Fox), GW|Zachray (Wolf), NRG|Nairo
2. Melee – FOX|MVG Mew2King (Lucina), PG|Plup (Greninja), Tempo|ZeRo (Wolf), C9|Mang0 (Wario), TSM|Leffen (Roy), Alliance|Armada (Inkling)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Commentator Crew Battle]

1. Team Chillin – Liquid|Chillindude, VGBC|TKBreezy (Wii Fit Trainer), Vish (Lucina, Donkey Kong)
2. Team EE – EE (Snake, Mario), Vikkikitty (Kirby, Chorrin), BAM (Roy)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [VIP Tournament]

1. Keitaro
2. PG|FullStream
3. RPS|GPik
4. HazMatt
5. #1 Falco Fierce Taint
5. Kellen
7. FaytZX
7. PG|Stimpy
9. PG|Mashumaro
9. Scooter
9. LSA|JntaBeast
9. Novus
13. TehC

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