Mech Zangief, F.A.N.G, Juri, and Abigail returning to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Extra Battle on February 22nd

By on February 21, 2019 at 12:00 pm
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You’ve got another opportunity to collect the final pieces to fine-tune your Mechs, starting tomorrow!

Though there was no news about the future of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition disclosed at Evo Japan, we do have some returning Extra Battle Crossover Costumes. As Guts Man Balrog’s challenges roll on, another robotic quartet of Mech Zangief, Mech F.A.N.G, Mech Juri, and Mech Abigail will be returning to Extra Battle for a second run on Friday, February 22nd, when the battles for their first of four total Costume Pieces will resume. As before, challenging each of these mechanical World Warriors will cost you 2,500 Fight Money per individual attempt, meaning you’ll need a minimum of 10,000 Fight Money to claim a single Crossover Costume, and a whopping 40,000 FM for the compete set.

However, if you’ve collected any of the previous pieces on their first pass around, the game will remember the gems that you already have, so you’ll only need to wait for the corresponding week of the pieces that you’re missing to gain the complete attire.Guts Man Balrog’s second piece will also be starting on Friday, and the Extra Battles for both the normal and Arranged version of Guts Man’s Theme from Mega Man are still available as Crossover BGM for another 1,000 FM per attempt.

Will you be looking to complete any of the Mech attires you missed on the first cycle? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Street Fighter (Twitter)

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