Victrix unleashes its new Fight Stick Pro FS arcade stick

By on February 4, 2019 at 10:00 am
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Largely known for their headsets, Victrix is now releasing a full-fledged fight stick for its FGC competitors — with some impressive specs.

While most fighting game enthusiasts know Victrix for their Pro AF ANC headsets (as seen during the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour), the San Diego-based company is now unveiling their very first arcade stick: the Pro FS.

The Victrix Pro FS arcade stick comes installed with Sanwa’s Denshi buttons and JLF model joystick, with an easily accessible, spacious interior compartment for optimal maintenance and storage. These internal components are easily modified, and include fully customizable lighting and audio features, to boot.

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Additionally, The Pro FS’s brushed metal surface is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, melded into a comfortable downward slope perfect for sitting on the knees during long sessions at a setup. Better yet, the FS’s joystick is fully detachable, lessening the stress of travel between venues and cramped flights. The stick likewise comes with a set of handles and a die-cast metal shoulder strap, making it one of the most easily transportable sticks on the current market.

You read more about our coverage of the in-development version of the stick at Evo 2018 in our article — and can now purchase the stick through Victrix’s website, along with the Pro AF headset, of course.

CORRECTION: The controller is actually not yet available for purchase, but is expected to be soon. The price will be around $350 USD. Keep an eye on their website and Twitter feed for updates.

Source: Victrix

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