Capcom posts Version 04.010 patch notes for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on January 30, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Bug fixes, Crossover Costume bundles, and Cannon Spike Cammy returns to Fighting Chance!

Capcom recently released the official patch notes for Version 04.010 of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition following Tuesday’s period of server maintenance. The changes were fairly minimal, consistently chiefly of bug fixes, the addition of a Resident Evil Crossover Costume bundle — and the return of the original Fighting Chance costume Cannon Spike Cammy to Menat’s crystal ball readings via the resumed “ARSF Leader” campaign. Most notably, in terms of combat alterations, the explosion from Ibuki’s V-Trigger I bombs will no longer trigger M. Bison’s new Psycho Impact V-Skill counterattack. Juri and Urien also received a few minor bug fixes. No undocumented character balance changes have been found as of yet. You can see the full list of official notes below.

1/29 Update Info (Ver. 04.010)

Following server maintenance on January 29, Street Fighter V has been updated to Version 04.010.

The following DLC is now available.
— Resident Evil Bundle

• Battle-Related Bug Fixes
— M. Bison
・Fixed so that the explosion from Ibuki’s V-Trigger I Rokushaku Horokudama bomb will not trigger his V-Skill Psycho Impact’s counter-attack.

・If, immediately after his CA Ultimate Psycho Crusher hits, his V-Trigger II special move Psycho Charge went off stunning the opponent, the opponent would be locked into the animation, and no damage would be dealt. This phenomenon has been fixed.

— Urien
・ If Urien performed his V-Trigger II move Tyrant Blaze with his V-Skill Metallic Aura active, and the charging part of the move from 2F onward was canceled due to being hit by an attack, Urien would keep the Metallic Aura state. This phenomenon has been fixed.

— Juri
・ If the projectile attack of L Fuharenkyaku hits the opponent at the same time as V-Trigger II Feng Shui Engine type beta, and this causes KO, the KO’ed opponent will float in mid-air for a short period of time. This phenomenon has been fixed.

• Fighting Chance
— “ARSF Leader,” for the additional costume “Cannon Spike: Cammy,” is now underway in Fighting Chance.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Street Fighter V.

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