Capcom releases updated patch notes for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Season 4

By on December 29, 2018 at 10:00 am

Learn about previously undocumented changes for F.A.N.G, Cody, Ryu, and G!

At the conclusion of Capcom Cup 2018, Yoshinori Ono surprised everyone in attendance and watching at home with the news that Season 4 would officially begin right after the tournament concluded. In addition to the explosively violent reveal of “The Embodiment of Satsui,” Kage, Capcom also released a slew of customary balance changes for the entire cast. However, it seems a few alterations for the quartet of F.A.N.G, Ryu, Cody, and G, though already implanted into the game, went undocumented in the initial release of patch notes. Capcom has recently corrected this error on the Shadaloo C.R.I. page, and you can view the changes for the four World Warriors below:

  • F.A.N.G

・EX Ryobenda (Regular/V-Trigger II)
③Reduced the block stop for the first hit by 2F.
Note: Changes in the advantage/disadavantage only if the first hit is blocked.

  • Cody

・Trash Out (Front Throw)
Damage increased from 120 to 130.

The following are corrections for items that were mistakenly listed on the adjustment list.

  • Ryu

・VTII Isshin
Mistaken: ②The attack recovery can be canceled into Shoryuken.
Corrected: ②The attack recovery can be canceled into Shoryuken and EX Jodan Sokutou Geri.

  • G

・G Smash Over (V-Trigger I)
Expanded the collision boxes in the upwards direction for the first hit.

Source: Shadaloo C.R.I.

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