The patch notes for The King of Fighter XIV’s Christmas update are now available

By on December 26, 2018 at 10:30 am

There’s a new patch out for The King of Fighters XIV for PlayStation 4 and PC. This latest patch is meant to adjust the balance of the game, focusing on character-specific tweaks. For those interested in how their characters have changed in the new patch, SNK has now released the patch notes for the update.

As is usual with patch notes for The King of Fighters XIV, this one is pretty huge at 25 pages long, too long to fit in this post, or any web page really: SNK has put it all in a downloadable PDF file. This is despite there being barely any system changes, save for the adjustment of the reversal window on  knockdown.

Regarding the character changes, in addition to the tweaks to their moves, character life values have also been adjusted. As for the characters themselves, it seems that aside from the expected nerfs, a number of characters have also received substantial buffs. It looks like SNK really wants to shake up the game’s meta with this update. You can check and download out the complete patch notes here.

Source: SNK

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