PlayStation Classic support added to the Brook Universal Fighting Board

By on December 26, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Brook’s Universal Fighting Board is arguably the most versatile custom PCB controller for arcade sticks, with support for a wide range of consoles. Now, another “console” joins the list of hardware that the UFB works with: the PlayStation Classic.

Firmware version 2.6 for the Universal Fighting Board was released on Christmas Day. This new firmware allows players to have the UFB work with Sony’s mini-console by simply holding down the square and triangle buttons when plugging it in.

This update means that players can now use arcade sticks for the fighting games included in the PlayStation Classic, such as Tekken 3. Of course, there’s still the PAL vs. NTSC issue –however a solution for that has already been found.

Interested players can download the new firmware here.

Source: Brook

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