Capcom Cup 2018’s viewer stats are now up on Esports Charts

By on December 23, 2018 at 10:00 am
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Esports livestream analytics site Esports Chart has released their numbers for Capcom Cup 2018 and it paints an interesting picture when compared with their 2017 report.

In terms of total views on all Twitch channels, the numbers are somewhat down with this year only getting 2,193,770 views versus 2,778,496 for 2017. Total time watched however was up at 1,710,803 hours versus 1,216,536 from last year. This factors in viewers from China, since Capcom Cup 2018 was streamed on Without them however, the numbers are still up at 1,588,747 hours watched compared to 1,192,743 for last year.

Of course, the increased watch time could simply be from this years tournament running much longer at 29 hours, versus 19 hours (as measured by Esports Charts). Indeed, average concurrent views are down at 60,028 views (including Chinese viewers) for this year, compared to 75,250 for 2017.

Chinese viewership does seem to help the numbers though. This years overall peak viewership was higher at 124,549 viewers, with 8,098 from China, compared to last year’s 121,951 viewers. Without Chinese viewers, the numbers are closer at 117,812  for this year, and 119,741 for last year.

Aside from the increased number of Chinese viewers, the most interesting bit here is that viewership from Twitch alone is down, at 91,210 for 2018 compared to 121,277 from last year. With more places to watch Capcom Cup this year, including Facebook Live,, and the previously mentioned, it seems that other services may be starting to make a dent on Twitch’s massive lead.

Source: Esports Charts

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