The SRK Rollback: Best of December 7-13, 2018

By on December 14, 2018 at 10:00 am

Welcome to the Rollback: a frame-by-frame look back at our past week’s most notable news — and our favorite SRK articles — from November 30 to December 6, 2018!

Zavian “mushin_Z” Sildra, Editor-in-Chief:

Frame 1:
Cower in fear of all of The Walking Dead references in Negan’s Tekken 7 reveal trailer

The portion of the Venn diagram where fans of The Walking Dead meet fans of Tekken 7 got a real treat in Negan’s gameplay reveal trailer; if you want to verify you caught all of the little nods to the TV show, have a look at this.

Frame 2:
capcup capcom cup 2018 logo 750x400
Here are the finalized brackets for Capcom Cup 2018

The last big hurrah for Street Fighter V in 2018 is kicking off today with its Last Chance Qualifier. Here are the starting points for the best of the best in SFV this year for the final showdown.

Frame 3:
Wizzrobe shows how to wavedash perfectly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The new Smash is now out in the wild — and the classic mechanic has returned, after a fashion.

Frame 4:
VesperArcade shares his thoughts on the insanity of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s new “Sponsored Content”

I literally think this is the worst design decision Capcom has implemented in SFV. When the only good thing about a game function is that you can turn it off, that should be the first clue it’s a terrible idea…

Frame 5:
2B from NieR: Automata cuts her way into SoulCalibur VI on December 18

… On the other side, instead of adding hideous ads to their game, Bandai Namco are bringing us bad-ass sword-swinging androids. You know, content that actually improves the game?

Crow_Spaceboy, Assistant Editor:

Frame 1:
Namco reveals SoulCalibur VI version 1.10 patch notes for December 17th

I might have one or two things I disagree with in the proposed changes, but overall this is one of Namco’s most thoughtful balance patches in Calibur history.

Frame 2:
Mortal Kombat Logo
Warner Bros. announces fan art project “MK Kollective” for Mortal Kombat 11

There’s some surprisingly high-profile acts acting as ambassadors on this project. I’m looking forward to it!

Frame 3:
nintendo direct splatoon smash teaser logo cast crop 750x400
Button2Pixel compares the input delay of every Super Smash Bros. iteration, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Input lag just keeps increasing with new iterations of games, and I wonder what the “breaking point” will be.

Frame 4:
MikeZ demonstrates game-breaking super flash glitch in SNES version of Street Fighter Alpha 2

This is the sort of wild glitch that is only possible thanks to the limitations of the past. I love it.

Frame 5:
Armored Shao Khan MK11 crop
Italian GameStop website appears to leak details of Mortal Kombat 11’s Premium Edition

I want to play as Shao Khan right now. All of you, get out of the way.

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