rooflemonger’s 12 Days of DBFZ Tech-Mas celebrates the holiday season with samples of Dragon Ball FighterZ tech

By on December 14, 2018 at 7:00 pm
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Ring in the Holidays with the 12 Days of Tech-Mas!

In to celebrate the upcoming holidays and bring a little Christmas cheer to fans of Dragon Ball FighterZ, diligent content creator rooflemonger has begun a new video series he has dubbed “The 12 Days of DBFZ Tech-Mas,” where he will post a new video for 12 straight days, looking at various odd tidbits of tech he’s found in the game. These are shorter endeavors that are, “meant to be a bit more digestible” than some of his larger guides.

We’re already three days into the 12 Days; to start things off, for the first Day of Tech-Mas, rooflemonger brought us a corner pressure setup for the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly that can beat a good amount of wake-up options, as well as air blocking by holding back.

For the second day of DBFZ Tech-Mas, rooflemonger took a look at a situational glitch with Fused Zamasu’s Divine Wrath Super. If the falling ball triggers a Destructive Finish upon slaying a filthy mortal, Zamasu will be able to tag in his partner by holding down the Assist button right as the word “DOWN” appears on-screen, which will cause a switch, as opposed to an Ultimate Z Change to the next Super. This glitch also appears to be exclusive to Fused Zamasu, as rooflemonger has not been able to replicate it with Frieza or Goku Black, despite them also having descending orb Supers in their Holy Light Grenade and Death Ball, respectively. This could certainly prove useful for recovering the divine Fusion’s blue health, though it can be a bit finicky to trigger.

Day 3 looks at mixup options for the sweet-toothed Android 21:

rooflemonger also noted that, though he has a few days already planned, he is more than willing to accept user submissions for the remaining Days of DBFZ Tech-Mas, so feel free to send him your ideas.

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