Capcom Cup 2018 Analysis: Will Xian be quickly on the top 8 scene?

By on December 11, 2018 at 4:00 pm
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Xian definitely has had a lot of things going for him. Evo 2013 champion. Pioneer of Ibuki play on the Capcom Pro Tour. Three time representative at Capcom Cup in Street Fighter V, and once with the lowest-tier character.

But the title of Capcom Cup champion, he does not have going for him. Will he be able to add that to his repertoire this year?


Accept No Imitators

While Fujimura may have long passed up Xian in his level of play — almost always striking as the highest-ranked Ibuki in the tournaments he attends — Xian has still played at an amazing level. Everything that Fujimura does, every setup, every hit confirm, every trap, Xian has been able to execute it. He has also been just as grimy, with multiple amazing setups off of V-Trigger II, also abandoning her original V-Trigger.

The one thing that I feel like he’s lacking, just from my reviews of his videos, is I haven’t seen all the full utility that Fujimura has found, including the dreaded anti-air V-Trigger activation, which makes any sort of movement toward Ibuki dangerous. It’s possible that he hasn’t been using it as a psychological reason to make people think he hasn’t perfected it. It may be he isn’t fully comfortable with it. But it’s something he needs stowed away in his toolbox that I’ve yet to see.

Dancing Through Brackets

Here’s my issue: he hasn’t been winning in the way one would expect after his burst last year around Final Round and after. Yes, I’m well aware he won FV Cup in Malaysia. But look at the bracket for that, and answer among yourselves if this is the person that will easily take Capcom Cup. There were three people littered within top 16 that also made Capcom Cup. Yet, when you look at Xian’s road to the title, he faced off against none of them. This means he managed to dodge StormKUBO, Haitani, and Mago, and the highest-caliber player he had to face in top 16 being Tse4444, or even UD.

And you see the signs of this when he traveled to Australia for Battle Arena Melbourne, where he lost easily to Tokido. Again, this doesn’t inherently exude confidence. As an added detractor, he is 4-11 cumulative in sets against Capcom Cup qualifiers. This means that so long as he’s able to avoid the highest caliber players, he’s doing well, but beyond that, he is falling more often than he should.

Don-Chan Smoke Bomb

Final Thoughts

It’s really hard to look at Xian’s record this year and put the vote confidence in that I gave him last year. Especially given his first round being Caba, and his record since picking up Ibuki against Guile is spotty at best.

This has been a bumpy ride in 2018 for Xian fans. He’s never out of the woods, but he has far more trees to meander through to find his way to the title. If he gets wins, I expect them to be in Losers Bracket, but it could easily be an early exit for Xian.


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