Ken’s life is in ruins: BornFree’s latest skit addresses what Ken needs most in Season 4 of Street Fighter V

By on December 10, 2018 at 3:00 pm
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“Yeah, but this is a V-Skill walk, so…”


Ken fans have rallied behind a singular point of contention on Ken in Street Fighter V since day one: what is up with that hair? That face…? And why won’t Capcom do anything about it?!

UYU|BornFree offers the scenario above for your consideration. How much can one fighter take, how much can one man lose, before he’s forced to jump ship and find a game that appreciates him? One ill-conceived sponsorship deal might be the last straw to push a Street Fighter over the edge — and into the world of edge-guarding.

Ken Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Source: BornFree


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