Cower in fear of all of The Walking Dead references in Negan’s Tekken 7 reveal trailer

By on December 7, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Don’t forget to blink, breathe, and cry!

This past weekend was a massive treat for fans of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Tekken 7. In addition to the 2018 Tekken World Tour Finals culminating in spectacular fashion with a Panda victory by Rahgchu, Katushiro Harada and Michael Murray dropped a hype nuke on fans with the reveals of remaining Season 2 characters Armor King, Craig Marduk, and Julia Chang. If that wasn’t enough, were were also treated to our first in-game glimpse of the title’s upcoming guest character, AMC’s The Walking Dead’s Negan, in the form of a cinematic trailer that was guaranteed to delight fans of the series.

Negan’s trailer recreates the iconic lineup sequence from the Season 6 finale “Last Day On Earth” and the Season 7 premiere “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” with several of Tekken’s cast members stepping it to fill the roles of Rick’s group of survivors.

Specifically, Kazuya Mishima is Rick Grimes, Jin Kazama is Carl Grimes, Heihachi Mishima is Glenn Rhee, with wife Kazumi Mishima serving as Maggie Rhee. Lars Alexandersson plays the part of Daryl Dixon, Josie Rizal is Sasha Williams, Paul Phoenix steps  into the shoes of Abraham Ford, Master Raven stands in for Michonne, Nina Williams is Rosita Espinosa, Steve Fox is Aaron, while Bob Richards channels his portly counterpart Dr. Eugene Porter. Finally, Bryan Fury serves as the proxy for Simon, Negan’s lieutenant in the Saviors.

To further illustrate just how closely the Tekken team worked with AMC, Melku44 put the trailer side-by-side with various clips from the show,  chronicling a massive amount of references to the source material, including the inspiration for his hilarious shot at Bob that closed the trailer. You can see the full video below, but be advised that it is NSFW due to language and graphic violence, and contains (old) spoilers for The Walking Dead.

Negan is set to join Tekken 7 as part of DLC9 sometime in 2019.

Source: Melku44

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