The patch notes for this Wednesday’s Dragon Ball FighterZ balance patch have been released and translated

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As previously reported, Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting a balance update this Wednesday. Now, the notes for this new balance patch have been released.

For those interested in seeing what’s being changed in this new update, GREATFERNMAN has translated and compiled the change list in English. The patch itself contains a number of general changes and bug fixes. Additionally, it also adds the data for the “Tenkaichi Budokai” mode, Christmas capsules, and the Z Trophy Room.

As for the character specific changes, many of the expected nerfs have arrived, including adjustments to Adult Gohan, Bardock, and Kid Buu. That said, some characters who some players were expecting to get buffed didn’t really get any big changes.

You can check out GREATFERNMAN’s translation of the patch notes (with their own notes on them) below, or on Evernote.

Dragon Ball FighterZ balance changes (by GREATFERNMAN)
All notes from GREATFERNMAN are italicized.
New Modes:
“Fighterz Tenkaichi Budoukai” added
    Initial exhibition dates will be announced in the future
“Christmas Capsules” added
    Available 12/5 to 12/31
“Z Trophy Room” added
System Mechanics:
Super Dash:
Fixed a bug where your characters position (left or right) affected the trajectory of super dash
Fixed super dash not ending immediately when it clashes with other moves
Fixed super dash’s trajectory acting strange when the opponent vanishes
Super Dash, Z Change, Guard Cancel Change:
Fixed a bug where the character immediately landed after hitting an opponent near the ground
Z Change, Guard Cancel Change:
Made hitstop on block the same as super dash
Guard Cancel Change:
Takes smash on hit
Increased recovery on hit
Increased untech time on hit
Z Assist:
You can no longer call a Z Assist in the same situations where you cannot Z Change (e.g: after blocking or taking damage)
Air Dragon Rush:
Added Head property
Fixed Z Change’s trajectory becoming weird when vanished against
Ground Dash:
Special moves can be done during the startup of dash now
Dragon Balls:
When a character is KOed, the game will now show how many dragon balls there are
Special Move Inputs:
Made it so special moves have input priority over Z Reflect when inputted at a specific timing (probably to make inputs easier)
K.O Cinematic:
Fixed a bug where the animation continued when killing an opponent with a cinematic move

SSJ Goku:
236L/M (Ground): Removed Head property
(A move having Head property means that Head invulnerable moves (2H, etc) will be invulnerable to it. This means that Goku’s 236L/M now cannot be invuled through with 2H)
SSJ Vegeta:
j.2H: Added more horizontal travel distance
2S: Decreased startup. Increased hitbox
Assist: The orb no longer disappears during cinematics as long as Piccolo is still on screen
236L (Ground): Wall bounces on hit now
j.236L/H: Decreased startup. Changed the falling speed on hit. Increased untech time
3/6S: Increased hitbox. Knocks opponent back on hit. Changed effect on hit
3S: Decreased startup
Teen Gohan:
5LL: Changed the amount of vertical distance gained. Increased untech time. Added landing recovery
5LLL: Changed the movement speed. Changed the effect on hit. Increased untech time. Made the move Head property.
2S/j.S: Fixed a bug where the ki blast would not explode when hitting things like barriers
5LLL: Fixed a bug where the cinematic would play out in an odd way
214S: Changed the effect on hit if it hits on the way back
OTG lvl3: Changed the situations and timings during which the super can be done. Increased startup. Increased damage
5LL: Decreased startup
5LLL: Made it possible to cancel into S moves during the Z Combo
236L/H (Ground): Removed Head property
Lvl3: Increased grab range
2S: Made the initial hitbox larger. Blows opponent back on hit
Android 18:
Assist, j.214S: Barrier size increased
22S/j.22S: Can now protect allied Z Assists
2H: Increased the hitbox on the bottom of the move in the initial frames (probably fixes antiairing teen gohan, kid buu, etc)
214S: Fixed a bug where the move would act strangely when it hit an assist
Lvl3: Recovery until landing on hit
j.2S: Fixed a bug where the ki blast would not explode when hitting things like barriers
236X/j.236X: Increased untech time
214S: Reduced recovery on whiff or block
Kid Buu:
236L (Ground): Increased startup
j.236LM (Air lvl1): Increased untech time if it hits on the way down. Made it cross up less often after hitting
Fat Buu:
5M: Push back reduced
5H: Decreased startup. Changed movement speed. Upper hitbox reduced
214L/M (Saibamen): Total duration decreased (Nappa recovers faster from plant)
214S: 2nd hit startup decreased
Android 16:
Z Assist: Blockstun decreased
214S: Made it a multi hit move
236S: Decreased startup. Recovery on whiff decreased
Lvl3: Fixed a bug where the last hits could be blocked when Ultimate Z Changing at a specific timing. Changed opponent’s distance after hit
214X/j.214x: Untech time increased
All Wolf Fang Fist moves: Made it easier to combo airborne opponents
214X/j.214X: Reduced landing recovery
Lvl3: Altered the damage distribution of the followups
Adult Gohan:
5H: Increase push back on block. Removes momentum
2H: Reduced the amount Gohan moves (probably doesn’t rise as high)
236HS: Increased damage when charged
Lvl3: Fixed a bug where the opponent would appear in the cinematic
236LM/j.236LM: Changed the timing where Ultimate Z Changes are doable. Increased damage and changed the effect on hit when the cinematic does not play
236LM (Ground): Hitbox increased above
j.236LM: Changed effect on hit
Lvl3: Fixed a bug where Z Changed could be done at the same time as supers after this move hit the opponent
Goku Blue:
214M/H: Now teleports before attacking. Increased startup
236L/M: Reflects ki blasts earlier now
Vegeta Blue:
j.2H: Increased horizontal movement
214X/j.214X: Reflects ki blasts earlier now
214X/j.214X: Decreased startup. Increased movement speed
236S: Decreased startup. Decreased total duration
214S: Decreased startup. Added armor property during the middle of the move
Lvl3: Recovery on hit decreased
Goku Black:
236LM/j.236LM: Increased damage
236HS/j.236HS: Changed effect on hit
Android 21:
5M: Push back decreased
214S (Green) (Barrier): Can now protect allied Z Assists
Air Lvl3: Recovery on hit decreased. Blows opponent back on hit
214X/j.214X: Increased untech time
Lvl3: Increased recovery on hit. Changed distance from opponent on hit
2H: Increased the hitbox on the bottom of the move (probably fixes antiairing teen gohan, kid buu, etc)
Various Special Moves: Armor starts earlier now
Vegeto Blue:
j.2H: Jump cancelable
j.236LM: Minimum damage increased
Zamasu (Fused):
5M: Increased movement speed
236S/j.236S: Made it easier to follow up into 236X/j.236X after
Lvl3: Fixed a bug where the hit effects would look weird in certain situations
Base Goku:
236LM (Kaioken): Increased buffer time on the follow ups
Kaioken (M follow up): Added invulnerability during the spin
Kaioken (S/2S follow up): Decreased start up
Base Vegeta:
2S/j.2S: Decreased recovery
j.2H: Decreased recovery. Decreased active frames. Decreased horizontal movement
Android 17:
236LM: Fixed a bug where the hit effects would look weird in certain situations
Assist: Fixed a bug where Cooler would not push the opponent back
j.236LM: Fixed a bug where the cinematic would look weird when this move killed

Sources: Dragon Ball FighterZGREATFERNMAN

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