FGC Philosophy talks about growth-oriented mindsets with Tekken 7 pro Lenell “L-Train” Dinkins

By on November 21, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Hazardous Gaming’s Lenell “L-Train” Dinkins is a pro player from the Detroit scene most recently known for winning Youmacon Battle Opera 2018.  One of the reasons he’s reached that point is because of his focus on mental growth — and considering he started his experience in the FGC with an immediate $60 money match loss, it’s hard to think anything other than a strong will would have kept him around.

“Never feel like you’ve arrived” was advice from his father that L-Train has kept to his chest, and its core message is central to the conversation in his 30 minute interview with The Philocypher. Check out the podcast above for excellent advice on how to stay focused and improve in any game you play.

Source: The Philocypher


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