Battle the Umbrella Corporation with these Resident Evil Crossover Costumes for Cammy, Kolin, and Urien in Street Fighter V

By on November 20, 2018 at 12:30 pm
sfv resident evil costume urien wesker

New costumes are incoming from Capcom’s popular horror series.

The new Holiday costumes aren’t the only outfits coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on November 27th; Capcom has just revealed a batch of Resident Evil Crossover Costumes that allow you to dress up Cammy as Jill Valentine, Kolin as Ada Wong, and Urien as the nefarious Albert Wesker.

While prior Crossover Costume campaigns have been mixed between Extra Battle challenges and Premium DLC to purchase, it isn’t yet clear if these will be earned through the Extra Battle mode, or only offered for sale in the Shop, or some of both. We’ll find out when these launch next week — or if they post further details on Capcom-Unity before then!

[UPDATE: Capcom has confirmed that all of these costumes are Premium Costumes to be made available in the Shop at $3.99 each, like the upcoming Holiday outfits.]

Source: Street Fighter


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