SoulCalibur VI may allow all throws to be broken at once

By on November 12, 2018 at 10:00 am
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When Virtua Fighter 4 introduced the ability to break multiple throws in a single break window, it was by design — and it was balanced out by having several possible breaks, forcing players to still have something resembling a mixup and choice. SoulCalibur VI changed its break system to a directional break system similar to VF’s input, but since SCVI only has two breaks, in theory a wrong input during the break window should cause you to get thrown. Though this tends to be case, it appears players have found a way to do VF4 style multi-throw breaks anyways.

The slide input is somewhat strict, but still able to be recreated. Exactly what part of the throw system is breaking down is unknown, but it seems you can replicate this with any button — and just one button, as well.

Various players have reported that it works with any combination of buttons, and can even work by trying back-throw breaking first. (ex. 4A~B)

Considering the number of factors involved, there is a chance there is a different problem under the surface and players aren’t actually OSing these — but given some of the examples, that would imply that there are different issues involved, instead, with how the game’s break window interprets inputs. We’ll have to wait and see until more labwork is done — or until Okubo-san adds throw breaking to the list of things to fix in the upcoming patch.

Sources: SCAthenaeumsupaachar


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