SoulCalibur VI glitches let Voldo and Tira use meter-powered mechanics without having full meter

By on November 6, 2018 at 11:00 am
Voldo SoulCalibur VI resize

A bug has been discovered in SoulCalibur VI that gives some characters access to meter-powered mechanics without having the requisite meter for it.

Voldo’s glitch seems to be the more serious one, as it allows him free use of both Soul Charge and Critical Edge. Based on the video below from MaxSWGA, it seems that during the transition from crouch dashing (while in his back-turned state) allows Voldo to use both of those mechanics.

Sean Appleby has done a bit more testing, and has discovered a number of things that bug allows — including multiple ways to combo into Critical Edge for free. These are detailed in the thread following the tweet below.

Tira’s glitch on the other hand was discovered at about the same time. This time, she can activate Soul Charge with only half a bar while in her Gloomy state.

Of the two, it’s the Voldo glitch that seems more game-breaking. In fact, Some TOs have already made using it grounds for disqualification in their tournaments. Meanwhile, there’s still some debate on whether Tira’s is something intentional or not.

Sources: MaxSWGASean Appleby, via Avoiding the PuddleViolent Vodka; KOA|Appel Boom


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