KYSG_Guc breaks the combo meter — and just about everything else — in this Law video for Tekken 7

By on November 6, 2018 at 4:00 pm
t7 tekken 7 marshall law

Power Crushes are not much of a problem in Tekken 7 tournament play for a long list of reasons. But, if for some reason you need a reminder on how exploitable their armor frames are, then you should check out KYSG_Guc‘s latest Law Combo video.

Though squeezing in as many hits on an armored move is the centerpiece of many of the combos in today’s videos, there’s a ton of bizarre interactions to be seen. Law’s Rage Drive and QCF+1 cross unders, combo meters breaking at the wall, and more show that there’s still a lot of strange things to find in Tekken’s combo system.

Source: KYSG_Guc


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