Nidhogg II stabs and splatters its way onto Nintendo Switch on November 22

By on November 5, 2018 at 12:00 pm
Nidhogg 2_20170815123031

Soon, the Wyrm will feed on a new platform.

nidhogg ii 2 switch logo

Rumblings of MESSHOF’s follow-up to the innovative fencing fighter Nidhogg making its way onto Nintendo’s platform have crystallized into a release date. You’ll soon be able to stab, slash, and offer yourself as tribute to the great Wyrm in the cartoony gorefest Nidhogg II on Switch on November 22.

With its unique style, fantastic soundtrack, and simple-yet-challenging gameplay, Nidhogg II shouldn’t be missed once it hits its new home in late November 2018.

Source: Mark Essen (Twitter)


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