Version 03.091 patch brings faster CFN response times, a revamped Dojo Points system, and more to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on October 24, 2018 at 4:00 pm
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As previously noted, the long-awaited input delay reduction patch was finally implemented into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition following yesterday’s period of server maintenance, which updated the title to Version 03.091. In addition to increasing the speed at which inputs are registered by the game, as well as adding Nash’s Cannon Spike Costume to Menat’s Fighting Chance, there were also some other adjustments made which have now been documented in the official patch notes released by Capcom.

Most notably, the system for acquiring Dojo Points has been overhauled, in an effort to seemingly-make climbs up the Rankings less abusable. As of now, point acquisition in Ranked and Casual online matches will be limited to merely 10 times per day when accruing losses, including Draws, as well as only being obtainable 10 times per day for Battle Lounge matches, and per each level of difficulty in Arcade and Survival. Capcom also notes that, “there may be further changes to Dojo Point acquisition depending on the circumstances.”

Additionally, in an effort to improve CFN response times, all timeline data, up to the past three months, has been deleted, and any League Points that were lost by players due to login issues on October 23rd should now have been returned to players. Capcom closes the notes by promising that, “we will continue to explore ways to optimize the gameplay experience.”

Interestingly enough, there were no direct mentions of the removal of the reverse input bug that plagued the likes of Rashid, Alex, and Juri, as well as the reported stealth balance changes to Ed’s V-Skill Juggle Limit, Cody’s hitboxes, Kolin, or Zeku, hopefully meaning that their impact on gameplay is either nonexistent or to minimal to note. You can read the full notes below:


Following server maintenance on October 24, 2018, Street Fighter V has been updated to version


■Fighting Chance
— Get Nash’s Canon Spike Additional Costume through “Soldier of Misfortune” now underway in

Fighting Chance.

— There have been changes made to the acquisition conditions and values for Dojo Points.

Dojo Points can be obtained through playing the Arcade, Survival, Extra Battle, Ranked Match, Casual

Match, and Battle Lounge game modes. However, point acquisition will be limited to 10 times per 1 day

for losses in Ranked and Casual Match.(including draws )

Dojo Points can only be obtained a maximum of 10 times per 1 day for matches within the Battle

Lounge, and per each difficulty in the Arcade and Survival Modes.

Please note that there may be further changes to Dojo Point acquisition depending on the circumstances.
— In order to improve the CFN response times, timeline data up to the past 3 months has been deleted.
– We have restored any LP that was lost during disconnects due to login issues that occurred on October 23th.
— The speed at which inputs are registered has been improved.

Update: October 24, 10AM

The recent update included some adjustments made to the battle system, which were not listed in the original update information. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and will list them here in this additional update notice.

• System Adjustment 1 – Overall
After certain lock-on type moves that cause the characters to switch sides hit, the recovering character could not perform a reversal if the move needed a charge to perform. This issue has been addressed.

— Confirmed Lock-On Moves
Nash: Tragedy Assault (all versions)
Cammy: Gyro Clipper (forward throw)
Dhalsim: Yoga Hoop (backwards throw)
Akuma: Hyakki Gosai (all versions)
Falke: Wirbel Wind (forward throw)
Cody: Trash Out (forward throw)

• System Adjustment 2 – Ed’s V-Skill
If the Psycho Cannon hit the opponent while they were being hit by Ed’s V-Skill Psycho Snatcher – Air, they would be able to recover from the Psycho Snatcher. This also caused a bug that would make the opponent invincible. This phenomenon has been fixed.

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