Nash’s Cannon Spike Costume now available in Fighting Chance following Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s latest update

By on October 24, 2018 at 2:30 pm

Earlier this week, we learned that the mechanization of the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition cast would continue, as Mech F.A.N.G and Mech Juri will be the next pair of Crossover Costumes coming to Extra Battle mode, following the conclusion of Mech Zangief’s fourth and final piece this week.

Interestingly enough, the existence of these robotic outfits was revealed by Brazilian data miner X-Kira in a report of his most recent findings. It appears another of his recent discoveries has now also come to pass, as we now know that Nash’s Gunspike Costume, which sees the solider don his attire from the 2000 multi-directional Arcade Shooter Cannon Spike. This will be the second attire from Cannon Spike added to SFV, as Cammy’s attire from the game was the first Costume made available within “Menat’s Fighting Chance.”

For the unaware, Menat’s Fighting Chance allows players to spend various amounts of Fight Money that will reward players with a random assortment of various items that range from Battle Goods to be used in Survival Mode, special EX Colors for each character’s Default and Story Costumes, Classic artwork from all titles in the Street Fighter series, cosmetic items to personally customize your Dojo,  and of course, exclusive Costumes. Nash’s outfit can be obtained via the “Soldier of Misfortune” campaign, which went live with the return of the servers last night, following the input delay reduction patch.

In addition, staring next week, Extra Battles will be available against Gunspike Nash, for the opportunity to obtain Fortune Tickets. As before, these battles carry a measly 250 Fight Money entry fee per challenge attempt, and will award your chosen character with 250 EXP for each additional victory against him. Fortune Tickets can also be obtained with various high scores in Survival Mode. You can see the announcement Tweet from Capcom below.

Will you be looking to add this outfit to your Nash’s wardrobe? Let us know in the Comments.

Source: Street Fighter (Twitter)

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