Start your samurai training with this Mitsurugi Starter Guide for SoulCalibur VI

By on October 22, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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Get started in SoulCalibur VI with the iconic samurai.

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New to SoulCalibur, or 3D games in general? On-The-Box protagonists are usually good places to start when learning a new engine, and SoulCalibur VI‘s Mitsurugi is no exception. Armed with a versatile toolkit that contains mid-range and applies hellish pressure up close, Mitsurugi is rarely without options of some kind on the battlefield.

Since learning Mitsurugi will inevitably help you learn Calibur as a whole, we thought it’d be best to make our first beginner’s guide centered around the series-original samurai. We’ll go through the whole cast in a similar manner, and build up basic knowledge of the whole cast’s primary goals from the ground up.


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