The SRK Rollback: Best of October 12-18, 2018

By on October 19, 2018 at 10:00 am

Welcome to the Rollback: a frame-by-frame look back at our past week’s most notable news — and our favorite SRK articles — from October 12 to October 18, 2018!

Zavian “mushin_Z” Sildra, Editor-in-Chief:

Frame 1:
samsho samurai shodown v special crop
CROW BITES: Samurai Shodown V Special’s recoil cancel

Crow_Spaceboy samples the SamSho strangeness and gives you a taste of what might be coming with the new title from SNK next year. Or, you could just go play this one, right now.

Frame 2:
Is Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite getting an update and rebranding to “Marvel vs. Capcom 4”? Maximilian offers his thoughts

Maximilian’s hopes that MvC4 could be a new title that corrects MvC:I’s design pitfalls seems highly unlikely, but Mahvel fans can dream. An update is a lot to hope for as it is.

Frame 3:
Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2Undamned aims to make CPS2 board suicides a thing of the past with InfiniKey-CPS2

Anything that helps preserve the operation of these arcade classics — even if it involves some almost-literal Frankenstein-ing — is a good thing!

Frame 4:
sfv astaroth bison crossover costume 4 750x400
Complete your collection of Devil May Cry and Ghosts N’ Goblins Crossover Costumes in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Glad to see that, like the case with the Monster Hunter outfits, Capcom is giving players multiple chances at some of this stuff.

Frame 5:
Sega is bringing the first three VIRTUAL-ON games to PlayStation 4

I’m hoping these make it to the West as well — I haven’t spent any real time with this series since Oratorio Tangram on the Dreamcast.

Crow_Spaceboy, Assistant Editor:

Frame 1:
valeria gravity breakers
Gravity Breakers updates to version 0.4.0, offers free demo, and adds four-armed cultist Valeria to its cast

Gravity Breakers continues to be one of the most exciting-looking indie fighters I have seen in a while, and a worthy heir to Psychic Force 2012.

Frame 2:
bbcf blazblue central fiction logo 750x400
BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition for Switch can now be pre-ordered in Japan

I worry that it’s a case of “too little too late” for this game, but I’m please that the DLC is getting bundled all the same.

Frame 3:
Punk signs with Team Reciprocity

I feel like this is the second time we’ve had to report on Punk getting suddenly dropped from a team only to immediately get picked back up…

Frame 4:
Team Reptile shares first footage of Lethal League Blaze’s online gameplay

Lethal League Blaze is looking better and better with every new trailer.

Frame 5:
for honor marching fire trailer hooks
Two new trailers from Ubisoft mark the launch of the For Honor: Marching Fire expansion

Spookiest zombie story I’ve heard all month.

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