Echo Fox releases FGC Division Manager Boeken as part of their restructuring

By on October 15, 2018 at 6:00 pm

The cuts keep coming — but it’s not a player this time.

We have recently seen the dominant FGC team Echo Fox begin to slim down their FGC division recently, among other cuts that saw their Gears of War team also cut. Just when you thought it was safe, another hit is taken.

FGC division manager Boeken recently took to Twitter to announce he was no longer with the esports team, signalling further cuts from their FGC department — which has already seen Street Fighter player Punk, Tekken players JDCR and Saint, and NetherRealm players Theo and Scar all released from their contracts. Whether this signals that even further cuts will come remains to be seen¬†— nor do we know who is now in charge of their FGC division at this time.

Source: Boeken (Twitter)


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