The SRK Rollback: Best of October 5-11, 2018

By on October 12, 2018 at 10:00 am

Welcome to the Rollback: a frame-by-frame look back at our past week’s most notable news — and our favorite SRK articles — from October 5 to October 11, 2018!

Zavian “mushin_Z” Sildra, Editor-in-Chief:

Frame 1:
SFV AE Splash Art
Upcoming Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition update will improve the speed of the game’s inputs

From the players’ perspective less input latency is always a good thing, so hopefully Capcom delivers on this promise. You can also check out VesperArcade’s thoughts on how it will affect the game as well.

Frame 2:
balrog super turbo ending
Shogatsu and Daigo Umehara join the list of invites to compete in Super Street Fighter II Turbo at the Tournament of Legends III

The TOLIII lineup just keeps improving. This will be an impressive display of Super Turbo prowess.

Frame 3:
DOA6_ayane_enter Featured imageShoryuken interview: Dead or Alive 6 director Yohei Shimbori discusses development, DLC, and the franchise’s legacy

Lazybones2020 gets some insight into the ongoing development of DOA6 as it creeps closer to completion.

Frame 4:
More datamining from X-Kira hints at additional upcoming costumes, Dojo items, and more for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

X-Kira/Miyuki-Chan again is laying out predictions for upcoming SFV goodies based on the game’s code; the finds are piling up, so if these are accurate we should start seeing some of them soon. They also claim more costume Easter eggs are on the way.

Frame 5:
Echo Fox parts ways with Tekken legends JDCR and Saint

Following on the heels of news that Punk, Scar, and Theo were leaving the team, now this… it’s looking like Echo Fox is letting most, if ultimately not all, of its FGC talent go. We’ll have to see who is left standing, if anyone — could SonicFox or Tokido be next?

Crow_Spaceboy, Assistant Editor:

Frame 1:
Nacon and Bandai Namco France are releasing a limited-edition SoulCalibur VI Daija arcade stick with copies of the game in Europe

On one hand, I love the way this looks and I want it. On the other hand, it looks really… wide, doesn’t it? I feel like I could set pocket notebooks on this thing while I play.

Frame 2:
heihachi crying
South Korea’s Tekken hotspot, Green Arcade, announces closure

Everything surrounding this closure, from the end of an era to the fallout of players associated with the arcade, has been incredibly sad to watch from afar.

Frame 3:
TONY-T’s latest combo video celebrates cancelled PlayStation fighting game “Thrill Kill”

Not everyday you get to share a combo video for Thrill Kill. Who knows how gaming might have changed if this thing actually saw the light of day.

Frame 4:
Mortal Kombat 4
NeoGamer looks at behind-the-scenes footage of Mortal Kombat 4

As horrendous as Mortal Kombat 4 was (don’t @ me, etc. — actually, wait, no, do @ me… getting an essay on Mortal Kombat 4 from its sole defender sounds hilarious) I really enjoy these behind-the-scenes looks into Midway’s — at the time — unique processes.

Frame 5:
tekken 7 lei wulong 750x400
NurseLee dissects Lei Wulong’s “Defense Breaker” for Tekken 7

This might sound silly, but this is my favorite Lei move, conceptually. I love the fact it’s +9000 on block but leaves you in this weird sorta-back-turned state.

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