Shogatsu and Daigo Umehara join the list of invites to compete in Super Street Fighter II Turbo at the Tournament of Legends III

By on October 9, 2018 at 10:00 am
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Two more Japanese legends are inbound to join the Super Turbo battle at Canada Cup!

There will be no shortage of excitement at the upcoming Tournament of Legends III at Canada Cup 2018 later this month — Super Street Fighter II Turbo fans are in for a real treat. After revealing their fifth Japanese invite to the event to be E. Honda grandmaster Shogatsu, Super Turbo Revival has also revealed that a sixth and final invite will be none other than Daigo “The Beast” Umehara.

From Super Turbo Revival:

Shogatsu is a multiple-time Gian Recital and Kakerugo Champion and also won the Canada Cup 3on3 tournament last year. He has also placed highly in a number of tournaments, including X-MANIA and Defend the North!

Daigo Umehara needs no introduction, as he is considered one of, if not the best Street Fighter players of all time! Daigo is a former Tougeki champion, a two-time former Evo Super Turbo champion and has won a number of majors across the US. He competed and finished fourth in the memorable TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS I at Evolution 2012, falling to AfroLegends. He also competed in X-MANIA USA at Evolution 2014, teaming up with Nuki and Tokido in a great and entertaining match against Mike Watson, John Choi, and Alex Valle.

Check out the listing below for the invites and qualifiers to date — including many other spectacular players such as Mattsun, Nuki, Killer Miller, and the latest qualifier from The Fall Classic, Zoolander!

toliii qualified & invites 9-10-18

The Tournament of Legends III will take place at Canada Cup 2018 in Toronto on October 26-28. There is one qualifying event remaining before Canada Cup: East Coast Throwdown. There will also be six Last Chance Qualifier spots at Canada Cup itself, so practice up and head over to Toronto this month if you want to go up against the world’s best Super Turbo competitors!


Source: Super Turbo Revival


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