Catch the Street Fighter V action from last night’s Wednesday Night Fights (3.8) top 8, featuring Dankadillas, BushinStyle, Stupendous, and others

By on October 4, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Great players and great character variety make this VOD worth your attention!

If you missed the action from Esports Arena in Orange County last night, Body Count Fighting has got you covered with this replay of the Wednesday Night Fights Street Fighter V top 8 from WNF 3.8. See some of SoCal’s best face off in these fights featuring BushinStyle’s Zeku, Stupendous’ Zangief, Dankadillas’ Dhalsim, and much more!

You can find more Wednesday Night Fights stream replays over on the Body Count Fighting channel!

Source: Body Count Fighting


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