E. Honda master Kusumondo joins the list of Japanese players invited to compete in Super Street Fighter II Turbo at Tournament of Legends III

By on September 28, 2018 at 3:00 pm
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Another Japanese legend joins the battle!

The fight at the upcoming Tournament of Legends III promises to be a fierce one, made even fiercer by the Japanese player invites joining the qualifying competitors in Super Street Fighter II Turbo next month. The fourth invite has been revealed to be none other than Kusumondo, the E. Honda “Yokozuna”!

From ST Revival:

Kusumondo’s resume is quite impressive to say the least. He is a former X-MANIA champion. He won Kakerugo 5on5 in 2015. He’s also competed internationally on many occasions, including winning Ultra 2 Old 2 Furious and X-Street Battle in 2017. He finished 2nd at Canada Cup in both 2016 and 2017 to Mattsun but did win the 3on3 tournament last year at Canada Cup. But possibly his most famous match came at EVO 2014 in the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS I grand finals, as he and MAO had an epic battle that went to the very final round!

Kusomondo joins Mattsun, Komoda, Murasaki, and one other yet-unrevealed Japanese invite at TOIII. The Tournament of Legends III will take place at Canada Cup 2018 in Toronto on October 26-28. There are two qualifying events remaining before Canada Cup: The Fall Classic and East Coast Throwdown. There will also be Last Chance Qualifiers at Canada Cup itself, so there are still plenty of opportunities to prove your strength in Super Turbo! Currently-qualified competitors include Justin Wong, Chi-Rithy, eltrouble, Atari, and others; head over to ST Revival to see the full list!


Source: Super Turbo Revival


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