BornFree gets Sako’s opinion on Menat, Sagat, and G in Street Fighter V, and the importance of keeping the fun in fighting games

By on September 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm
bornfree sako sagat g weak thumb

“G is not necessarily strong… but interesting.”

Sako is well-known as a Street Fighter execution monster and longtime top player — and his Menat is turning heads and winning Capcom Pro Tour events this season. His technical approach and understanding of Street Fighter V makes his outlook something worth listening to — so BornFree asked him what he thinks of the last two DLC fighters of Season 3, Sagat and G.

The verdict? Sagat is pretty weak compared to the rest of the roster, while G falls somewhere in the middle — not overpowered, but with an interesting design. He offers the opinion that even Nash — the other character Sagat player Bonchan has become known for in SFV — is better than poor Sagat.

But that’s only a snippet of BornFree’s full video interview with Sako, which you can see below. They also discuss what Sako loves about Menat (and his fear she’ll get nerfed), his drive to find new combos, and his outlook on training and competition. And the SFV player he fears the most right now is Fuudo!

Source: BornFree


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