GamerGen shares exclusive SoulCalibur VI sets with top French players

By on September 26, 2018 at 2:00 pm
seong mi-na scvi mina

French players are very lucky in the pre-release environment of SoulCalibur VI. Not only are top players like Hayate and Kayane heavily involved in playtesting the game, but it turns out that quite a few of France’s big names — such as SCII Astaroth legend Saitoh and SCV World Tournament grand finalist Akire — also got to try out SCVI’s latest build through French gaming website GamerGen.

We’ve collected the footage from GamerGen below. Get out your notepads, this is some of the best gameplay you can find right now (and in the case of Seong Mi-Na, nearly the only competent footage of her in existence at the moment.)

Source: GamerGen


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