The “Book of Souls” encyclopedia project from Uppercut Editions is the best Mortal Kombat book you haven’t read yet

By on September 25, 2018 at 5:00 pm
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When will we see this book made manifest in the Earthrealm?

The bloody and savage fantasy world that has developed around the Mortal Kombat franchise has many fans, but few are as passionate as those at Uppercut Editions, who have been working to get official backing behind their massive MK book project, the Book of Souls.

The book has gone through a few iterations (previously titled as the Book of Remembrance) but the goal (and the results) have been consistent: this is a massive collection of Mortal Kombat facts, lore, and trivia that the fans who love this world could easily become lost in. The 250+ page book covers the entire history of the franchise from its beginnings, up to and including Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2.

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The catch is: this isn’t a published book, not yet. Uppercut Editions has been working to get their fan project some official backing from Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios, but to date that has not been accomplished. According to Uppercut Editions:

We are a group of MK fans who started this project 3 years ago with almost no support from WB and NRS, and only advice from a DC comics author, Shawn Kittelsen. While we contacted various publishers — Udon Entertainment, DK publishing, Prima Games, Insight Editions and some other smaller publishers — all who wanted to work with us, we couldn’t quite gain traction with WB. Our books currently sit inside NetherRealm Studios for review, and we need fan help to basically put pressure on them to make this for all MK fans.

The project started as a petition and surged to over 10,000 signatures and we even had Richard Epcar voice and record for our trailer we did.

You can see some “unboxing” preview videos below from unCAGEDgamez and History Behind the Warrior, showing off early test printings of the book:

The most recent version of the project is also viewable digitally over at Uppercut Editions itself. Mortal Kombat fans definitely should go check it out — and if you like what you see, spread the word.

Sources: Uppercut Editions; Sacredjuice


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