See Android 17 in action in his Dragon Ball FighterZ reveal trailer; Halloween Z-Capsules arriving this week

By on September 24, 2018 at 11:00 am
dbfz android 17 teaser pic 3 crop

The fan-favorite Android gets his own character slot very soon.

Not content to be a mere assist on a number of Android 18’s moves, Android 17 is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ as a selectable fighter all his own. In the official reveal trailer below, Bandai Namco gives us a quick look at what the “MVP” of the Tournament of Power is bringing into the battle.

Android 17 and Cooler will be joining the roster in the DLC 4 pack in the near future. Dragon Ball FighterZ also arrives on the Nintendo Switch later this week, on September 28. Halloween-themed content (including stamps, alternate colors, and exclusive versions of lobby avatars) will also be appearing in Z-Capsules this week, starting September 26.

Sources: Bandai Namco Entertainment America; Bandai Namco Entertainment [press release]


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