Mech Zangief returning to Street Fighter V as the next costume available in Extra Battle mode

By on September 24, 2018 at 3:15 pm
sfv mecha zangief teaser crop

The Protector of the Russian Skies has been upgraded.

Following Cammy’s foray into survival horror, Capcom is “switching gears” for the next unlockable costume in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition‘s Extra Battle mode.

It’s clear from the teaser image that Mech Zangief has seen some upgrades in his armor — and flight capabilities — since the costume’s last appearance (below) in Super Street Fighter IV as an alternate for regular ‘Gief. It also confirms Mech Zangief’s role as a Shadaloo-developed anti-Zangief weapon, made clear by the Shadaloo crest on robo-gief’s chest. Different versions of Mech Zangief appear as far back as Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.

sfv mecha zangief teaser

Mech Zangief in the Street Fighter IV series

You can get started on collecting the four pieces of this costume in Extra Battle starting on September 27th. You’ll need to earn all four pieces over the next four weeks, and each attempt at each challenge will cost you 2500 Fight Money.

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