History Behind the Warrior tries to predict SoulCalibur VI’s unrevealed DLC characters in latest video

By on September 24, 2018 at 6:00 pm
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In less than a month, we’ll be able to make a grand return to the Stage of History, with the release of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s much-anticipated SoulCalibur VI. Currently the game’s launch roster sits at 20 characters with the recent official reveals of Cervantes de Leon and Raphael Sorel. Though Hwang and Lizardman have both been spotted in recent gameplay footage, their roster fate is currently unknown. There is also the matter of the game’s Season Pass, which will contain four DLC characters, including the Day 1 bonus fighter Tira.

Taking all of this information into account, as well as an official character popularity poll that has largely influenced the makeup of the current cast, History Behind the Warrior attempts to predict which warriors could most likely fill those 3 remaining DLC slots, assigning them a personal chance rating of 1 to 5. You can catch the entire video below, and be sure to let us know which three characters you’d like to see join Tira in the Season Pass in the comments section below.

SoulCalibur VI will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on Friday, October 19th.

Source: History Behind the Warrior


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