The SRK Rollback: Best of September 14-20, 2018

By on September 21, 2018 at 10:00 am

Welcome to the Rollback: a frame-by-frame look back at our past week’s most notable news — and our favorite SRK articles — from September 14 to September 20, 2018!

Zavian “mushin_Z” Sildra, Editor-in-Chief:

Frame 1:
scvi soulcalibur vi raphael reveal 2
Raphael shows the SoulCalibur VI roster the finer points of fencing in his official reveal trailer

OK, Namco — you’ve caught up to your leaks for SoulCalibur VI. Let’s see if you can surprise us with the next one! In all seriousness, Raphael’s a favorite of mine, and I’m glad to see him sneering at the SCVI roster.

Frame 2:
Android 17 is confirmed to be the next DLC character for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Another example of leaks spoiling reveals long in advance, it was fully expected to see 17 coming to the game alongside Cooler. How he’ll play is still yet to be revealed, however.

Frame 3:
sfv dojo sample
Online community Dojos are coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on September 25

With as poor as the online experience is for SFVAE, this does not seem to be the direction in which SFV needs to move. I am curious to see how this feature will play out, but I would rather see some nitty-gritty fixes, dammit.

Frame 4:
PlayStation Classic mini-console announced, comes pre-loaded with 20 games — including Tekken 3

The possibilities for what we could see included in this device are tantalizing for those of us that spent a lot of time with the pre-Dual Shock PlayStation; it was an intriguing era. In the remaining fifteen unnamed games, could we see Einhander? Final Fantasy Tactics? I.Q.: Intelligent Qube?!

Frame 5:
On the game’s first anniversary, Stumblebee explores the lead-up and reception of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

This video is both detailed and fair in its look at what Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite got wrong — and what it got right.

Crow_Spaceboy, Assistant Editor:

Frame 1:
Fighting Vipers will be coming to PlayStation 4 — as part of Project Judge

I worry sometimes that I am the only soul that would want a new Fighting Vipers. But hey, if Sega remembers that they own this, there’s still hope…

Frame 2:
Tons of new SoulCalibur VI footage reveals Lizardman’s moveset, new character slots, Azwel gameplay, and more!

Alright, Okubo. This is your one chance. You better get Lizardman right, or else I’m going to say bad things about your video game on the internet.

Frame 3:
power stone srk
ProviderOfSouls explains the depth and inner workings of Power Stone’s system mechanics

Do you think Capcom even knows how beloved Power Stone is?

Frame 4:
Mega Blaziken Pokken Tournament Featured Image
Here’s BadIntent’s rundown of every Pokkén Tournament DX Major for the remainder of 2018

I think this is a great “news” format that more YouTubers could adopt for a variety of games.

Frame 5:
Storm Collectibles has acquired the license to make Samurai Shodown V Special figures

If I lived the sort of life that allowed me to buy such things, I would not be against having a Gaira figure.

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