The Collective share in-depth interview with Katarina pro SourPiggy, talks tourney nerves, music, and more

By on September 16, 2018 at 4:00 pm
Katarina Tekken 7

Prior to Season 2, esports team The Collective were an odd entity among Tekken 7 groups for sponsoring multiple Katarina players. Those players were strong threats even when she was low tier — and now with the buffs granted to Katarina in Season 2, The Collective are in a position to threaten top seeds around the world, even more than they were before!

And SourPiggy isn’t someone you want to have the buffs Kat got. A veteran in his own right, SourPiggy shares in today’s interview the path he took to tournament confidence, and how he balances that with his life away from gaming.

Source: The Collective

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