Final Showdown explores more combos and tech for Frieza, Piccolo, and Teen Gohan in Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on September 10, 2018 at 1:00 pm

One of Dragon Ball FighterZ’‘s most prolific combo creators, Final Showdown, has returned with another set of videos. This new series of videos continues to focus on characters he’s spent a lot of time breaking down in previous videos, namely Piccolo, Teen Gohan, and Frieza.

On the latter, Final Showdown explores his bread-and-butter combos, attempting to figure out the maximum damage he can squeeze from them.

Speaking of big damage, this next combo does 90% damage with no help from other characters.

The final Frieza video features another big damage solo combo, featuring the use of his discs to links into supers. Additionally, it also shows off some things he can do with his discs.

Moving on to Piccolo, we know that Final Showdown has been obsessed with figuring out things he can do with his orbs post-patch. And this new video for him demonstrates a few more combos with them: ones that happen to have good corner carry.

In addition to this, he also demonstrates an interesting property with his grounded arm grab. After he lands it, for some reason, the game gives Piccolo an extra hard attack, allowing him to do two hard attacks in a chain.

Finally, we return to what seems to be Final Showdown’s favorite character, Teen Gohan. The combos in the video below are “scrapped” ideas that never really evolved into something useful, but still look interesting enough to show.

Source: Final Showdown

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