AtlasOne takes on the backlash of “Icons: Combat Arena” and how games must develop their own identity

By on September 10, 2018 at 11:00 am
Icons Afi and Galu

The question of “At what point does inspiration become imitation?” is one that has plagued every creative medium, for much longer than anyone reading this has been alive. All art is influenced, born of the lived experiences and interests of its creators. That isn’t an excuse to simply re-brand other people’s ideas, though — and that’s exactly the pitfall that led to the notable backlash against Icons: Combat Arena.

There is sea of indie platform fighters to swim in right now, but none of them have received the outcry that Icons did. AtlasOne‘s most recent video examines what went wrong for the developers that seemed to have everything going for them, and what lessons other platform fighters can learn from Icons going forward.

Do you agree with AtlasOne‘s take? Is Icons: Combat Arena salvageable?

Source: AtlasOne

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