SoulCalibur VI’s Battle Director describes Azwel’s play style in recent Famitsu article

By on September 6, 2018 at 11:00 am

Learn about the Leader of Humanity’s unique Weapon Arts in SoulCalibur VI!

Last month we were introduced to the second newcomer joining the cast of the upcoming SoulCalibur VI, the “Leader of Humanity” Azwel, who was first seen in the Libra of Souls trailer. Wielding the Palindrome, with a fighting style described as, “the practical application of Martial Philosophy and Theory,” Azwel can summon a variety of weapons from thin air, all notably colored blue and red, similar to SoulCalibur and Soul Edge.

Recently, SCVI’s Battle Director spoke with Famitsu about this mysterious fighter’s style of combat, which has been generously translated by Avoiding The Puddle. The “Leader of Humanity” can utilize a trio of weapons during matches — which seem to be randomly generated, similarly to Faust’s Items in the Guilty Gear series. These sets can be enhanced to become “Weapon Arts,” providing the researcher with more powerful versions of his attacks. You can read the full description below.

Azwel, a researcher aiming for the salvation of humanity, has mastered the unique school of fighting by summoning three weapon sets of “Twin Swords,” “Large Axe,” and “Spear Shield,” into battle. The biggest feature to Azwel is that each weapon set that he summons to attack are already “generated” after, so the next time they are used, they will become “Weapon Arts,” which is a more powerful version of an attack, that can only be used once for the particular weapon set. Since you can’t see which weapon set is being generated, switching between the three different weapon sets and using the same type to utilize the Weapon Arts will be the shortcut to success when it comes to outwitting the opponent. In Soul Charge mode, all Weapon Arts can be used freely in his almighty existence transformation! It is only during this time that he has access to his new devastatingly powerful Critical Edge, where the opponent shall be loved by sending them Azwel’s salvation.

This certainly sounds like a unique and interesting moveset for a character that could serve as a key antagonist. Does this description entice you to save humanity this October? Let us know in the comments. SoulCalibur VI releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on October 19th.

Source: Famitsu via Avoiding The Puddle

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