Rid the world of Saiyans with Maximilian’s breakdown of Cooler in Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on September 5, 2018 at 12:00 pm
Cooler Dragon Ball FighterZ Announcement Featured Image

As he has done several times in the past, Maximilian was flown out to the offices of Namco Bandai Entertainment America to get some pre-release footage and playtime with the next Dragon Ball FigherZ DLC character, Cooler. In addition to being able to enjoy the increased range of tail attacks — like his younger brother Frieza and Android 21 — Cooler also boasts a pair of unique command normals in 6H, a low-hitting stomp, and a 3H lunging strike that will go through Ki Blasts and projectiles. Though his 2L is not a low, the eldest son of the Cold family still has a trio of them with his 2M, 6H and his Death Shaker special, that hits fullscreen. Death Breaker is a Dragon Punch-style knee strike, with the medium version having complete Body invincibility, giving him a meterless reversal option that can go through certain Supers, and also serves as his Assist.

Moving on to his Super Special Moves, Death Crasher is a rushing attack with some invincibility after the start, but will force a side switch on hit — which is a unique theme with many of his attacks. The Death Drop does low damage, but is perfect for setting up Ultimate Z-Changes. Finally, his Level 3, Atomic Supernova, is unique in that it is a counter on the ground, but a command grab in the air, though it will whiff on crouching foes if Tiger Kneed. You can see the full video below — along with a second breakdown from Max and Hellpockets, and some casual matches with Max taking him for a spin alongside Hit and Goku Black, below.

For more insight on Cooler, you can check out rooflemonger’s breakdown of Japanese stream footage. Cooler — and a second, unrevealed, character — are expected for late September.

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