Notable dataminer Miyuki-Chan returns, claims massive Variable System expansion is coming to Street Fighter V

By on August 31, 2018 at 2:30 pm

Are a massively expanded Variable System and additional Critical Arts possibly on their way to Street Fighter V?

Over the last few years, we’ve featured several reports on a notable dataminer from Brazil, known as X-Kira, who’s leaked a myriad of content coming to Street Fighter V well before its initial release. From costumes based off of classic Capcom characters, the existence of Arcade Mode last October, a series of classic stages from past Street Fighter games — including Cammy’s English Manor and Sagat’s King’s Court from Street Fighter II — and more.

However, earlier this year, they vanished, deleting their social media accounts as well as their YouTube channel, removing all evidence of previous work. Yet they have recently resurfaced under the Miyuki-Chan alias on the Neofighters forum, offering a large post of new leaks in Portuguese. They have been translated and neatly formatted into a Google Document by NinjaWorldWarrior16.

The post notes that, “Another version of Street Fighter V is already on the way. Arcade Edition is just a beta in comparison to what we’ll have eventually. New mechanics will be added to the game soon, thus giving us V-Mode. In the next Season, we will get V-System 1 and 2, which will also be customizable, and will also have a new mode, and Hybrid.” They then say this V-Mode contains the following new features to expand the possibilities of the Variable Gauge:

  • V-Break: “It’s similar to V-Reversal, but it breaks combos, similar to Breakers in Killer Instinct.
  • V-Custom: “A mixture of SFEX2’s Excel, SFA Rose’s Soul Illusion, USFIV Juri’s Feng Shui Engine, SFIII Yun and Yang’s Seiei Enbu and Genei Jin respectively, and it also gives access to  a new type of “SFIV Ultra Combo”/”SFEX2 Meteor Combo”
  • V-Cancel: “This new feature is totally different from the well-known FADC.”

They next claim that the inputs for V-Break will be F+PPP or B+KKK, V-Custom will grant three different effects with the respective combinations of MP+LK, MP+MK, and MP+HK. Finally, V-Cancel will be activated with HP+HK, just like V-Triggers currently.

Continuing on, Miyuki-Chan next states that Season 4 will give each character a second Critical Art, with Sagat and G already having theirs already completed in the game’s latest build, while Ed’s is apparently only accessible on the PS4 version of the game due to the files already being present, as PC only has the animation. [This seems to be very reliable, as we’ve already seen “A True Martial Artist” Ryu boss in Extra Battle use the Shin Shoryuken Critical Art. – Editor] The current Variable System is also set to receive additional features, such as a second V-Reversal for each World Warrior, with the goal to give each character both a Strike and Evasive one. Additional V-Skills and the ability to sacrifice your remaining V-Trigger time for a single V-Reversal, could also arrive in Season 4.

To close things out, X-Kira/Miyuki-Chan claims that Capcom will be releasing stage packs, with the first packing bringing more Street Fighter II arenas, such as Ken’s Battle Harbor, Blanka’s Amazon River Basin, and Dhalsim’s Maharajah’s Palace. Volume 2 will be focused on Street Fighter Alpha locations, such as Nash’s Detroit Highway, Birdie’s W.C. in the London Underground, Ryu’s Field in a Thunderstorm, and M. Bison’s Ridge Overlooking Guyana Falls. A third Volume will supposedly provide stages to Street Fighter V’s New Challengers, with a Russia stage for Kolin, an Egypt stage for Menat, Zeku’s Strider Base, and the Neo-Shadaloo Headquarters for Falke. Cody’s Metro City Slums stage from Final Fight and Urien’s Olmec Ruins from 3rd Strike will be released outside of these packs.

They also note some changes within Capcom’s intended release schedule for Season 3: a second General Story was seemingly held back and could possibly be announced at September’s Tokyo Game Show, and there was going to be an additional CPT costume for Zeku that didn’t come to pass.

As usual, none of this is being added to the game for certain until we get official confirmation from Capcom. What do you think of all of these developments, and would you like to see this content hit Street Fighter V in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Google Docs via Neofighters

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