Easter egg found for Cammy’s “Fiona Belli” Crossover Costume in Street Fighter V — and it’s also a Haunting Ground reference

By on August 30, 2018 at 9:00 am

Cammy finally wears pants in another tribute to the cult classic horror game.

Many costumes in Street Fighter V include special variations as “Easter eggs” that transform them (accessible by holding LP+MP+HP+LK+⇑ before a fight or between rounds). Now, the next costume to receive this treatment is none other than the upcoming “Fiona Belli” costume for Cammy, arriving soon via Extra Battle mode.

The costume is a reference to the 2005 survival horror game Haunting Ground with Cammy dressing up as Fiona Belli, the lead character from that game. While it isn’t officially available yet, Phtm_Miria over on r/StreetFighter has seemingly already discovered the Easter egg for it via datamining.

Interestingly enough, the costume isn’t just a slightly altered version of the original — rather, it’s a different costume altogether: specifically, the “Texas Cowgirl” alternate costume for Fiona that players received for getting Ending A in Haunting Grounds.


This is an interesting change of pace, considering that the “Fiona B” costume, which simply changes some details of the default outfit, would seem more in line with the usual costume Easter eggs. Could Capcom be making a joke about how Cammy, normally loathe to wear pants, gets an outfit that now has pants, but no shirt…?

For those interested in acquiring said costume, the first piece of it can be earned in Extra Battle mode starting later today.

Source: r/StreetFighter

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