Daniel Lindholm’s version of Sagat’s classic theme shows how cool it can be to be King

By on August 30, 2018 at 6:00 pm
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Another hard night on the mean streets of Shadaloo.

Sagat, the boss of the original Street Fighter and the penultimate boss of the Street Fighter II series, has one of the most iconic musical themes in all of Street Fighter (or, at least his Thailand stage does, but it’s pretty much the same thing post-SFII). When Sagat’s Street Fighter V trailer was first shown at Evo 2018, we heard the music before we saw the fighter, and we immediately knew what we were in for from just the first few bars. He’s right: “Your words are not needed.”

Daniel Lindholm — composer of many fan-favorite character themes in SFV including Ed, Menat, Zeku, and the recently-released G — has uploaded his own version of Sagat’s classic theme… and it definitely has a different feel than the in-game versions, including the recent SFV takes. This one drips with a streetwise cool that sounds more like something from Sagat’s Shadaloo enforcer days, with a reminiscent hint of the martial artist that seeks to surpass Ryu. As Lindholm states in the description: “What if Sagat was made into the style of Mezzoforte and keeping the funk up? Enjoy this fusion between Thai/Balinese gamelan and western Funk!”

For something very different, try a fan remix of Lindholm’s own theme for G.

Source: Daniel Lindholm

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