Latest Street Fighter V update adds new costumes, adjusts Sagat and Kolin, and replaces lost LP for some players

By on August 29, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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The new patch included some bug fixes that change two members of the roster.

In addition to adding new Professional premium costumes for Kolin, Falke, Menat, and R. Mika, and a new Fighting Chance classic costume for Balrog, the version 03.070 patch for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (that rolled out yesterday evening) also threw in some bug fixes for Kolin and Sagat, as well as changing the invincibility properties on Sagat’s medium Tiger Uppercut. League Points have also been restored to some players that may have had connection/login issues during recent weeks. Capcom’s patch notes are below.

The following new content/DLC is now available.

• Additional Content
— Additional Costume (Professional 2): R. Mika
— Additional Costume (Professional): Menat
— Additional Costume (Professional): Kolin
— Additional Costume (Professional): Falke

• Fighting Chance
— Get Balrog’s “Mike-like” Additional Costume through “Lookalike” now underway in Fighting Chance.

• Battle Related Bug Fixes
— Sagat 
If input at the timing where the preceding input is being recognized, by inputting a backwards dash and a throw, Sagat would perform a throw after finishing his backwards dash. This bug has been fixed.

Active frames 3F – 7F of M Tiger Uppercut had complete invincibility. This has been fixed so that M Tiger Uppercut only has attack and projectile invincibility from active frames 3F – 7F.

— Kolin
During her V-Trigger II Absolute Zero, when performing a neutral jump from her forward dash, for 3F during the transition to her jump animation she would lose her collision box. This bug has been fixed.

• Other
We have restored any LP that was lost during disconnects due to login issues that occurred on August 15th 18th and August 21st.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Street Fighter V.

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