Burn to fight! NEO GEO World Tour Finals streaming live from the Hong Kong Esports Festival

By on August 24, 2018 at 6:30 pm

Details for the NEO GEO World Tour Finals have been released — including the broadcast time, qualified players, and more!

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The NEO GEO World Tour Finals are finally upon us. Taking place during the Hong Kong Esports Festival, the Finals cover two days and will feature a total 26 competitors across two games.

Featuring the likes of QANBA x Douyu|Xiaohai, QANBA|Dakou, JoJo, and others, fans can expect some true slobberknockers from the series’ most celebrated competitors. The tour has compiled a full list of participants:


Games featured at the finals include The King of Fighters XIV and The King of Fighters ‘98. The finals will take place on August 25th, with Grand Finals for both titles set for August 26th. The action will be streamed on the NEO GEO World Tour’s Facebook page and Twitch channel, starting at 10:00 AM Hong Kong Time on the 25th (7:00 PM PT, August 24th) and 11:00 AM Hong Kong Time on the 26th (8:00 PM PT, August 25th). Don’t miss out on this massive King of Fighters celebration!

Watch live video from neogeoworldtour on www.twitch.tv

Source: NEO GEO World Tour (Facebook)

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