Wake Up Wednesdays looks back at Evo 2018, features interviews with The Cool Kid 93 & commentator Jakyo

By on August 22, 2018 at 2:30 pm
wake-up wednesdays

Wake Up Wednesdays is back in the aftermath of the summer’s biggest FGC throwdown!

Bizarro Mike returns to host another episode of Capcom Fighters’ Wake Up Wednesdays, now both looking back at Evo 2018 as well as looking forward to the remaining stretch of the Capcom Pro Tour that lies ahead. Michael Martin starts by offering congratulations to Mouseports|Problem X for his spectacular Street Fighter V win over returning champion Echo Fox|Tokido, and then serves up a couple of great interviews from Evo itself: one of America’s favorite contenders ESE|The Cool Kid 93, as well as Canadian commentary queen Jakyo! Check it out below!

More interviews from Evo are still on the way from Capcom Fighters later this week!

Source: Capcom Fighters

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