Fantasy Strike receives new update, reports a successful showing at Evo 2018

By on August 22, 2018 at 12:00 pm

The Fantasy Strike team brings an update to their accessible fighter, and gives a recap of their successful side-tournament at the 2018 Evolution Championship Series.

Fighting game fans know Fantasy Strike as a newer addition to the genre, with an emphasis on accessibility. With simpler movements and straightforward combos, Fantasy Strike aims to bring fighting games to an audience that might be intimidated by their complexity.

On August 21st, the Fantasy Strike team revealed a new update for their title, immediately available on Steam. Notable changes included an 8% increase of total game speed, new single-player modes, character fixes, and a general improvement of the game’s polish.


Due to player recommendations and outside testing, the team decided to amp up Fantasy Strike’s overall speed by 8%. Along with this change came new game modes, meant to increase single-player content alongside the recent story additions to the game’s arcade mode. Fighters now have a chance to test their might via the new Survival Mode, with 4 total tiers of varying difficulty. Jumping from 20 opponents to 10 “cruel” opponents, players are made to fight with a significant health detriment, with every fifth opponent acting as a “Shadow Boss.” These bosses have extra life, new moves, and a unique look that set them apart from the rest of the cast. Players will receive a crown upon their defeat of each level as a testament to their success.


Players can also participate in daily challenges in the new Daily Challenge mode. Described as an “endless version of Survival Mode” in the August patch notes, players’ final scores will be compared with that of other fighters who have attempted the mode in the past 24 hour period. Fantasy Strike’s overall polish was likewise improved, with new environmental sounds for stages, dynamic hit sparks, and smoother facial animations.

Alongside this news came a report of the game’s success at Evolution 2018. The team capped their “mega-tournament” at 64 entrants — a massive success compared to their initial projections. Returning champion FinalAbe took the win once more, with Killer Instinct champ Nicky Iovene taking second place.

While Fantasy Strike is currently only available on Steam, the title is coming soon to the PlayStation 4 and Switch– now planned for early 2019. Fantasy Strike presents the perfect opportunity for newbies looking to get into the fighting game genre, and even seasoned vets looking for a new title in which to hone their skills. Don’t miss out on this latest patch, and keep an eye out for a console release next year!

Source: Fantasy Strike [patch notes, Evo recap]

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